Classes at
Genesis Gymnastics Club

Preschool Gymnastics Classes

Genesis Gymnastics Club offers educational gymnastics classes for children ages 3 and 4.  These classes are for all abilities.  Participants will work on gross and fine motor skills in a gymnastics setting.  Gymnastics skills include forward rolls, hanging, swinging, balance, upper body support, and more! Other skills worked include grip strength and hand-eye coordination.

Age Requirements: Ages 3 and 4
Class Length: 50 minutes
Class Tuition: $50/month

5 & 6 Year Old Gymnastics Classes

Check out our educational gymnastics classes for ages 5 and 6.  All abilities are welcome.  Gymnasts will progress their fine and gross motor skills and introduce gymnastics skills such as cartwheel, handstand, pull over, hurdle, and a combination of walks on the beam. 

Age Requirements: Ages 5 and 6
Class Length: 50 minutes
Class Tuition: $50/month

Beginner 7+ Gymnastics Classes

These educational gymnastics classes are for ages 7 and up.  All abilities are welcome.  These classes introduces gymnastics skills such as handstand, cartwheel, pull over, casts, hurdles, and walks and jumps on the beam.  This class also works to increase muscular strength and flexibility.

Age Requirement: Ages 7+
Class Length: 50 minutes
Class Tuition: $50/month

Tumbling Classes 10+

These classes are perfect for cheerleaders, dancers, or athletes that want to focus on floor and tumbling skills.  Skills worked include cartwheel, round off, back bend, back handspring, and more! 

Age Requirement: Ages 10+
Class Length: 50 minutes
Class Tuition: $50/month

Team Development Gymnastics Classes

This class expands upon the gymnastics development mastered in our age level programs.  Gymnasts work on developing the muscular strength, flexibility, and control to master skills in combination. 

Team Development classes are by invitation only and meet twice a week.

Competitive Team

Genesis Gymnastics Club offers competitive training for levels 1-8. Athletes compete in the AAU program. These classes are by invitation only. For more information, email us.